Spring Show

Lengthy preparations for Horticultural Association’s Spring Show in village hall. Set up tables last night, somewhat to dismay of Amateur Dramatic Society who were rehearsing Journey’s End at the time (double-booking eventually forgiven as sign of hall’s parlous finances). Back early this morning to receive Entries and meet Judges. Ridiculously pleased to come second in Tulips (One Variety, Three Stems).

Lots of visitors in afternoon, and brisk business on Raffle, Plants and Refreshments. Feel slightly nostalgic looking at children and parents clustering round Young People’s Table; but touched that both sons do make brief appearance at show, if only to look embarrassed and eat scones. Present card and bottle to member of committee who is retiring after many years; she seems genuinely moved and I become slightly tearful myself (not an unusual occurrence these days – caught by daughter crying at final of The Great British Sewing Bee earlier this week).

Eventually finish clearing up and return home with bunches of surplus tulips, imagining how lovely it would be if children had got supper ready.


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