Lunch Club

Have agreed to help at weekly pensioners’ lunch in village hall; do best to fit into what is clearly Well-Oiled Machine and am told several times How Nice It Is To Have A Youngster. Discuss street lighting, Hong Kong, and Ridiculous House Prices (things apparently more reasonable when fellow-waitress bought her first house in 1949).

Go to village library in afternoon. Feel guilty that have not been for some time, and take out far too many books in attempt to compensate. Plan to do some Serious Reading this evening, but find that intellectual capacity quite exhausted by efforts to help children revise The Limestone Cycle and The Principal Causes Of The English Civil War, so instead just eat all remaining Easter eggs and look at cushions on the internet.

2 thoughts on “Lunch Club

  1. Started reading your blog fifteen minutes ago (via Slow Lane Life) now giggling squishing tears in my eyes. Lovely writing, thank you. Note to self: Apply more of Mrs. Ford’s Attitude in own Life.

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