Corridor of uncertainty

Son has first home cricket match of season; torn between wish to support him and fear that presence will somehow jinx whole thing (can only really enjoy watching sons play cricket if they are not batting, or bowling – and preferably not fielding either). Complete various household tasks that have become suddenly pressing, and eventually head to cricket field; spend remainder of match talking earnestly to various people in pavilion. One young parent confides that he is finding his two year old son A Handful; feel that should offer useful and reassuring advice based on own child-rearing experience, but have to confess that children’s early years are all A Bit Of A Blur, and rather feebly suggest Lots Of Walks.

Daughter’s GCSEs start tomorrow. Relief at finally managing to locate piece of paper telling her where to go for each exam gives rise to welcome (though quite possibly groundless) feeling that It Will All Be All Right.

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