Outward bound

Sister and family stay overnight on way to half-term camping holiday. Am impressed by precision of nephew’s plans for university and career, as well as his desire to Do Some Good. Inspiring examples of Good done by own career prove somewhat elusive.

Wake up to heavy and steady rain. Tell sister they are welcome to spend half-term here, with beds and hot running water and roof which only leaks occasionally, but they set off determinedly in search of Adventure. Realise that own plans for half-term distinctly lacking in Adventure and am about to ask children if they mind, but find that they have gone back to bed.

5 thoughts on “Outward bound

  1. Adventure can still be enjoyed theoretically by reading about it in bed. Definitely more comfortable than in a tent with a dog snoring in your ear.

  2. Thank you both – agree that reading about things is almost always preferable to doing them, and that am probably better off leaving Adventure to others…

    • Fear you may be right, and am getting rather nervous about forthcoming outing to buy Prom Dress for daughter. Should both probably try to Manage Our Expectations.

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