Keep in the sunlight

Daughter tells me she is Worrying – about a) GCSEs (completed papers); b) GCSEs (forthcoming papers); c) School Prom; and d) Life – and that she does not want to Take The Dog For A Walk or Have A Nice Long Bath  (Query: are my suggestions for reducing stress really so predictable? Answer: sadly, yes). Feel unable to offer any particular Words Of Comfort on a), b) or c), as only stopped having anxiety dreams about school exams when about thirty, and still shudder at memory of own Sixth Form Disco; but take coffee into garden and have good conversation about Life.

Suspect that own worries have expanded to fill vacuum left by work, and am beginning to get unnecessarily anxious about looming Village Fete and Horticultural Association stall, as appear to be only committee member not on holiday or having operation on relevant day.  Huge relief as kind friend offers to help put up gazebo;  then someone else e-mails to say she will bring baskets of flowers; and Hon Treasurer rings to say he has lots of spare plants in greenhouse and would it be all right if he drops them round tomorrow. Feel that this all demonstrates important message about Life, which am keen to share with daughter – but she is out taking the dog for a walk.

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