Village Green Preservation Society

Day of Village Fete dawns bright and sunny; move plants, books, trestle tables and flower arrangements onto field and start assembling gazebo – which naturally proves cue for  promised Heavy Thundery Rain.

But rain passes, sun comes out and so do people; do brisk trade in 50p plants and 30p books, and catch up on village gossip. Sons come and go, with occasional coconuts or requests for more money; local dance group and Ju-Jitsu class put on brave displays to crackling PA system, and, after brief pause for second downpour, Scouts organise various games. Have long ago given up any pretence of being A Good Sport and do not take part, but feel strangely glad that others still show proper commitment to the egg-and-spoon race.




2 thoughts on “Village Green Preservation Society

  1. Oh my goodness! Do you know how much your life sounds like a 20th century British novel? A Village Green Preservation Society? I love these cozy little details. You need to write a book.

    • Thank you so much for your comment! I started this blog after re-reading “The Diary of a Provincial Lady” (written in 1930), and realising how much of village life is still Exactly The Same – so felt that it would be fun to record it.

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