Town mouse and country mouse

Off to London for retirement party of former colleague. Perhaps in unconscious homage to past commuter life, find self dozing off in warm train, but am roused by hearing one man tell friend about promise to reward daughter for GCSE success, with £100 for every A*, £75 for every A and £50 for every B, making predicted total of over £700.  See no reason to relay this conversation to own daughter.

In further echo of past, journey delayed by Signalling Problems In London Area, but eventually arrive and make way along South Bank thronged with Friday evening crowds. London looking particularly appealing, and feel very happy to be amongst old friends drinking beer by the river; but general consensus that office life is Not Like It Used To Be, and  that I am Very Lucky to spend my days gardening and walking the dog instead. Make half-hearted attempt to suggest there is a little bit more to my life than that, but soon give up and agree, truthfully, that am Very Lucky Indeed.

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