Only making plans

Unusually sedentary day trying to Get Organised. Finally manage to deliver promised article on Horticultural Association for Parish News; am instructed to make it Long as other contributions for July edition apparently rather sparse.  Try rather boldly to suggest that horticultural shows are now the very height of  hipness (even appearing at the Port Eliot Festival), though have to admit that own Village Hall bears little resemblance to the ideas of some festival organisers.

Talk of festivals reminds me to nag daughter about Plans For The Summer; feel that it should be packed with Fun and Excitement and New Experiences. (Celebrated end of own O-levels with residential course in Ancient Greek at Cheltenham, but do not dwell on this.)  Eventually manage to agree plan for trip to festival with only the minimum amount of camping required to make it Authentic Festival Experience, and allow daughter to return for time being to laptop.

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