E for Effort

Am taking part in a book blogger’s Meme. Still not entirely sure what a Meme is (find Wikipedia entry on subject quite baffling and normally reliable children not much better), but feel should Try Something New  – and this particular exercise looks reassuringly like Victorian parlour game; participants have to list favourite book, author, song, film and object beginning with randomly assigned letter.  Decide that this will be ideal way of Using My Brain while doing Monday housework.

Am assigned E. Start off very confidently:

Favourite Book Emma by Jane Austen. One of my very favourite books anyway, funny, warm and wise, with excellent cast of characters, including quite awful Mrs Elton and quite lovely Mr Knightley.

Favourite Author – E. Nesbit, E.M. Delafield and E.M. Forster all favourites, but suspect disallowed under Meme Rules so go for George Eliot. (Would undoubtedly have chosen Middlemarch as favourite novel if assigned M.)

Cannot then think of any song, film or object whatsoever beginning with E, but after some hoovering and laundry come up with:

Favourite SongEverybody’s Talkin’ , in version by Harry Nilsson; wistful, memorable and slightly unsettling.

Favourite Film –  am probably not allowed Emma again, though do like 1996 version with Gwyneth Paltrow and Jeremy Northam; so choose E.T.

Favourite Object – find this the hardest one of all. Have certain fondness for eggcups and espresso cups, but finally settle on Envelopes; always, still, hope that post will bring Something Exciting (unspecified).






2 thoughts on “E for Effort

    • Glad that we have bonded over the letter E! Had a vague feeling that it was supposed to be most common letter in English language, so was annoyed with myself for struggling; but then found page explaining that it is not particularly frequent at beginning of words – so felt better.

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