Idle thoughts of an idle mother

Weather still hot and sunny. Husband has taken daughter off for post-GCSE tour of England and relations, so am in sole charge of dog, tortoise and sons. End of term still some time away, but sons’ school days now seem to consist almost entirely of various sporting events, and even I have stopped worrying about homework.

Decide (for various reasons – some possibly honourable) that do not want to take part in new initiative at village nursery and steel myself to tell  kindly couple who are organising it; feel that this would be ideal occasion for cowardly and self-justifying e-mail or text, but couple even less technologically advanced than me, so have to make Old School telephone call. At least they do have an answerphone.

Vaguely consider various projects around house but manage to convince myself that it is a) not worth starting anything new before the summer holidays, and b) my duty to make the most of the weather before it Breaks. Spend happy afternoon communing with dog and tortoise in garden.


2 thoughts on “Idle thoughts of an idle mother

  1. Ugh! I hate having to tell people that I don’t want to participate in something. Especially if said people are nice, good people. Sigh. Good luck with breaking the news to them.

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