Thought for the morrow

Daughter is going on first solo trip to London tomorrow; am quite sure that she will cope perfectly well, but nonetheless find myself going repeatedly through itinerary, contacts and contingency plans as though briefing her for particularly dangerous undercover mission.

Have recently become Deputy Verger so am invited to evening wedding rehearsal in order to Learn The Ropes. Arrive early but find church already full of over-excited children and slightly anxious adults, all apparently from London; do best to Make Them Feel At Home and discuss church (lovely), village (lovely) and weather (currently foul but Definitely Better Tomorrow).  One tiny bridesmaid tells me proudly that she is Hyper and swiftly finds herself seated in corner with paper, pen and instructions to draw pictures of entire wedding party.

Rehearsal goes well, everyone eventually disperses, and Verger and I are just about to go home when The Musicians (also from London) arrive and ask if they can just have A Quick Run-Through. Verger replies that she has been there two hours and Has Not Yet Had Her Tea, and that Tom is about to have his organ lesson and then it will be Choir Practice; but eventually softens under singer’s relentless charm offensive, and we all enjoy five minutes of songs from Oklahoma while rain falls steadily outside.



2 thoughts on “Thought for the morrow

    • Should probably have found this out before becoming one myself, but don’t think there is a straightforward answer; a verger’s role varies very much from church to church (and is very different in cathedrals). My particular (and rather limited) role is to help our verger ensure that weddings and funerals run smoothly – that all the practical details are sorted and everyone looked after- so that the vicar can concentrate on leading the service. Thisis the most helpful general explanation I’ve managed to find tonight – hope it helps!

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