Departing summer

Distinct lack of personal triumph at Late Summer Horticultural Show on Saturday; mulberries unplaced in Any Other Fruit, Posy In A Wine Cup judged not to be a posy at all, and find myself taking home most of the apple cake I donated to refreshment stall. Visions of becoming late-flowering Domestic Goddess rapidly fading. But show more generally a great success, and village honour maintained with  prizewinning onions, pronounced by judge to be The Best Onions He’d Seen Anywhere This Year.

Meet brother and family at county cricket match.  Weather forecast rather gloomy, crowd rather sparse, and game steady rather than thrilling; but all have very happy day watching and chatting until announcement that play is suspended because of Bad Light;  unimpressed crowd gesticulates at glaring floodlights on which club have apparently Spent A Fortune, but eventually give up as rain starts to fall steadily.

Must now all confront the reality of the fast-approaching New Term.






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