Aspire, believe, create

In burst of new-term enthusiasm, decide to tackle Paperwork, and draw up Family Budget for year; hope that have overlooked hidden source of income and rifle through old files in hopes of finding some long-forgotten Post Office book. Spend  happy afternoon tearing up payslips from last millennium and correspondence about taking maternity leave in 2000.

Manage brief discussions with children about schoolwork.   Elder son already complaining about Mark Schemes, and suspect that own enthusiasm for To Kill a Mockingbird and Of Mice and Men may not survive another GCSE course.

All watch Educating The East End.  Am currently planning to be exactly like Ms Hillman.


2 thoughts on “Aspire, believe, create

    • Completely agree – and can’t imagine that teachers enjoy trudging repeatedly through the same few texts. I don’t think I have read “The Red Pony” but will now look out for it – thank you!

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