Autumn almanac

Find myself missing Gardeners’ World for third week in a row as head off with husband and sons to Cricket Club End-of-Season Presentation Evening. Loudest cheers as usual reserved for winner of Most Ducks award, and everyone thanks everyone else for All They Have Done For The Club  (am surprisingly touched by own mention in connection with Cricket Teas). Sit with other mothers and discuss Hitchcock, local government and hormones (own and children’s) until Live Music makes conversation impossible, at which point all head to dance floor. Am subsequently told by younger son that Must Never Dance Again.

Take up usual post at collage table for church’s Harvest Craft Morning yesterday. After two hours of cutting and sticking with assorted children and parents (discuss universities, Shropshire and left-handedness), produce Harvest Scene which looks pretty much the same as every Harvest Scene we have produced in the last few years; but it makes us all happy.

Quite glad to see rain in afternoon, as provides necessary justification for spending rest of day reading newspaper and watching telly, with only occasional interruptions from children asking about properties of pewter or Homer’s use of epithets. Start rather looking forward to winter and am almost disappointed to see glorious sunshine return today.





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