Sandwich Woman

Pleased to hear on Today programme that am apparently part of Extremely Interesting Demographic Trend; less pleased to discover that this apparently means  a) am in Stone Age when dealing with social media b) am Turned Off Politics (Like Most Women) and c) face bleak future unable to return to work or enjoy grandchildren in good health – though this is All Very Funny As Well.

Suspect own life not entirely representative of Today’s  Woman. Spent last night at Village Hall listening to Horticultural Association talk on Preparing Your Vegetables For The Shows.  Much animated discussion (against loud background of Zumba class from next door )  on tying onions, avoiding carrot fly and  whether unreasonable for village show to require five potatoes in class (conclusion: yes, five is Really County Level).  During Refreshments afterwards agree a) to bake cake for Breakthrough Cancer Coffee Morning  b) to bake cake for church Coffee Morning and c) to organise raffle for next talk as Mr and Mrs S will be away at Jazz Weekend in Torquay. Go home and discuss  Amnesty International with daughter;  Latin verbs with son; and Ebola, by-elections and dog’s flea treatment with husband.

Perhaps could start mini Demographic Trend of my own.


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