Experience & Education

Conversation amongst helpers at pensioners’ lunch club yesterday turns to Education; general consensus is that All The Fun Has Gone Out Of It. Do not remember own school days as particularly fun-filled, and can only suggest rather feebly that Some Things Are Worse Now But Some Things Are Better. (Wonder idly whether this might in fact be useful summary of own views on everything.)

Go with daughter to school’s Presentation Evening;. Headteacher quotes EastEnders, Noel Coward and Immanuel Kant, and thanks parents, staff and Most Importantly The Students for their Commitment.  Deputy Head says that Year 11 was An Exceptional Year and they should all be very proud of their Achievement.  Guest Speaker says a) she is a GP b) she likes being a GP and c) there are lots of changes during the teenage years.  Sit with other parents from village  who first met at Baby Clinic and agree that It All Goes By So Quickly.

Father is visiting for weekend (Before The Clocks Change); have booked tickets for village play (“Noises Off” – though am slightly concerned by references in poster to Adult Humour), invited nephew for Sunday Lunch, and tidied vegetable patch ready for inspection.



2 thoughts on “Experience & Education

  1. cannot quite remember how i arrived here but am very glad i did. loving mrs ford’s take on life.
    my favourite entry { so far } may 7th, made me laugh out loud.
    so thank you mrs ford.

    • Thank you so much for your comment, which really cheered me up! Apologies for lack of recent entries – am currently Head Down in last-minute effort to complete quizzes promised for two village events at weekend (though did of course just find time to check the 7 May entry…). Hope to Resume Normal Service soon.

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