Rainy Friday

Breakthrough Breast Cancer Coffee Morning in village hall; arrive in scruffy raincoat, clutching slightly burnt lemon drizzle cake, and find everyone else in glamorous pink  apart from one lady who had been expecting the market and nipped out in her gardening clothes to buy sausages. Feel immediate bond, and spend next hour with her discussing trees, melanoma, and food-shopping in France. Joined by another new lady who asks me how old my children are, then says that she Feels For Me.

Conduct umpteenth double-checking of questions and answers for Horticultural Association Quiz Evening tomorrow. Am unreasonably plagued by fear of challenges – though question master assures me that he will take A Firm Line – and feel compelled to find at least three authoritative sources for each answer.  (Wonder, not for first time, whether lack of job means that am perhaps Losing Perspective.)

Looking forward to half-term;  as I told the lady this morning,  the children are Actually Not That Bad.




4 thoughts on “Rainy Friday

  1. A touch of burn on lemon drizzle cake is my personal preference, and the loss of one perspective always means the gain of another, so stay positive, and be sure put all presumptuous challengers In Their Place.

  2. it’s a thankless task being quizmaster. i once did one of those things where you have to drive around solving clues as you go. it was about a 30 mile round trip which people paid to enter and would win { a feeble } prize on return with a completed form. sadly the photocopier cut off the end of one page which i failed to notice, and some people got horribly lost. the minister { it was for church funds } was apoplectic with rage and we saw a whole other side to him !
    i couldn’t stop laughing which i know was very wrong of me…. but on the plus side no one asked me to do it again

    • I’m afraid to say that your disaster story really cheered me up… And it’s some comfort to know that if it All Goes Horribly Wrong I should at least end up with a funny story (and of course the possibility of no further quiz responsibilities).Will let you know either way!

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