The Home-Maker

Week begins unpromisingly with heavy downpours and crashing thunderstorms (sister tells me it is lovely and sunny where she is). Do Monday housework, pursued by unsettled dog and thinking about The Home-Maker – surprisingly uplifting book about marriage, children, work, thinking, personal fulfilment, understanding, small town life and shopping; find myself in great sympathy both with husband (who hates his job, despises consumer culture, and loves being at home watching children develop); and wife (who feels imprisoned at home and achieves happiness only when she goes out to work, selling clothes); not at all sure what this reveals about own character, and decide not to pursue question for time being.

Appear to have no village duties this week, and refuse to think in any detail yet about Christmas  (unlike younger son, who has already compiled long and rather specific Wish List and gives regular updates on days, hours and minutes remaining until The Big Day); am very much looking forward to doing Nothing In Particular.





4 thoughts on “The Home-Maker

  1. Re. The Home-Maker
    by coincidence my copy’s just arrived. Looking forward to reading it.
    Re. Christmas and refusing to think about it any detail
    by coincidence, that is my frame of mind exactly.
    Have a good week, Mrs Ford.

    • Thank you for the link to your excellent piece! You explain the book perfectly, and I agree with everything you say. The Home-Maker was certainly the best book I’d read for some time, and I especially loved how the author made a real effort to understand and get to the heart of every character, even the less sympathetic ones; I’d just finished a rather disappointing “light” read, full of improbable situations and unlikeable stock characters, so found this a really invigorating and powerful contrast.

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