Unfinished business

Weather and own mood not yet remotely Christmassy, but decide that should at least Make A Start on preparations, and head yesterday to local cathedral city in hope of finding Festive Inspiration. German Markets being assembled in almost every street, and shops clearly moving into full-blown Christmas mode; come home with three items for children’s stockings and determination to do better next time.

Rare family outing, to see latest Hunger Games  film, last night; despite much-vaunted recent Refurbishment, local cinema reassuringly unchanged (cash only, photos of Vivien Leigh and Charlton Heston on walls, and reservations sellotaped to seats), and packed with enthusiastic audience; dare to hope that it will still be there for Part 2.

Winter wardrobe practically non-existent, and am currently yearning for The Perfect Party Dress – something a) glamorous b)  comfortable and c) suitable for all possible social occasions from now until next spring. Doubt very much that it exists, but feel moved to buy December Vogue at village shop this morning (wearing dog-walking clothes and trying as usual to ignore shopkeeper’s look of polite surprise) – just in case.



14 thoughts on “Unfinished business

  1. I do like the sound of your cinema. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were cinemas like that which only screened classic movies starring the likes of Vivien Leigh and Charlton Heston? With tubs of ice cream the only refreshment.

    • Wonderful indeed! Our cinema does have a Classic Film Club on Tuesday and Thursday mornings (Complimentary Tea, Coffee And Biscuits Served Between 10:30am and 10:50am) though I haven’t yet succumbed (can’t entirely shake off feeling that there is something morally reprehensible about watching films in the morning…).

      • Oh I think I would succumb. I would do my shopping at Boots and lunch at the Kardomah and then go to the cinema. If only I had Trevor Howard to do it with.

  2. But were the cinema tickets in perforated card which emerges from a slot in the metal counter (as they still are in Lancaster)? As for the party dress do consult with Esme, who is becoming an expert in such matters :-).

    • Yes, proper cinema tickets, exactly as you describe! And I’m sure Esme would be much more helpful than Vogue (which rather gave the impression that £1,500 is a perfectly reasonable price for a party dress).

    • And I am extremely honoured to be on Sue’s sidebar (am sadly not sufficiently post Edwardian to manage a sidebar myself). Hope that you will return and in the meantime I have been enjoying your thoughts on ticking, lipstick and chinoiserie.

  3. So glad Sue added you to her sidebar. Have spent a happy evening reading back through your posts. Have added you to my bookmarks , so am anticipating Great Joy when I see you have posted! Penny Lx

    • “I’m A Celebrity” is sadly by no means the worst of my children’s viewing choices! Thank you so much for your comment – I think that the internet does a great job of making us realise that We Are Not Alone…

  4. Was going to say that you won’t find the sort of dress that normal women who are not married to millionaires and have teenage children, would find of any use in Vogue – but you appear to have discovered this!
    Am saving up the rest of your posts to cheer up tomorrow when I have a horrible feeling I am going to be working at a public exhibition without the public – or the press or the wretched city councillors who have failed to respond to their invitations to said exhibition! Ill mannered lot!

    • Yes, I do like the occasional Vogue but don’t think I will be relying on it for any practical guidance. I do hope that your day tomorrow is much better than you fear, and that everyone turns up in droves and has a wonderful time – even those city councillors!

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