Watching and waiting

Elder son off school and on crutches all week with football injury; feel grateful – this week of all weeks – that it was nothing worse, and decide to be perfect and angelic nurse in manner of Cousin Helen in What Katy Did. Suspect that son unlikely to be impressed by references to The School Of Pain or the need for a sick person to be As Fresh And Dainty As A Rose, but do insist on occasional breaks from Xbox to do schoolwork or watch vaguely Improving films (though could perhaps have chosen something slightly more cheerful yesterday than Lord Of The Flies).

Advent Sunday Carol Service this evening;  own fondness for its rather serious and austere beauty not shared by rest of family, which at least means can sing at full volume without fear of embarrassment.



4 thoughts on “Watching and waiting

    • I’m going to have to re-read What Katy Did properly and will pay particular attention to Clover. I can remember some bits very clearly (especially, for some reason, the Cousin-Helen-in-the-sick-room scene), others not so much – but certainly loved it all. Elder son is much better now, thank you!

  1. We’ve done the crutches thing here recently too. Thankfully all better now, I do hope your son is up and about soon as well. I always find perfect and angelic is tricky to sustain for very long.

    • Son is much better now, thank you, so I will soon be reverting to normal unsympathetic self! I’m sure you did a much better job of perfect and angelic, and am very glad that all is now well with your family.

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