Making a scene

First mince pies and mulled wine of year at yesterday’s annual Carols and Crafts Morning; take up usual post at collage table, delegate tricky elements such as Mary and the donkey to quietly competent eight-year-old, and am proudly admiring finished result when man walks past and remarks thoughtfully that It’s Coming On. Crafts followed by Decoration Of  Village Christmas Tree on Post Office corner; picture surely worthy of Christmas card as happy children in woolly hats and scarves bustle excitedly round tree while clear winter sun beams down. (Own children meanwhile in bed, in town, and analysing Steinbeck’s characterisation techniques in preparation for this week’s Controlled Assessment.)

Light fire in evening and watch DVD of Working Girl, inspired by recent Guardian piece and wish to show daughter 1980s office life and the point of Harrison Ford. Love it as much as  first time, and finally see my Perfect Party Dress, in the $6000 number Melanie Griffiths borrows from Sigourney Weaver.





4 thoughts on “Making a scene

  1. Worry that cultural life irredeemably ruined by self not ever seeing Working Girl; shelve worry to see whether it burgeons into actual purchase of same.

    • See on your blog that you now have Persephone Books catalogue, so any worries about cultural life surely now assuaged (though would still recommend looking out for Working Girl if it’s ever on television).

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