Looking forward

Alarm goes off apparently in middle of night; rouse children and do best to cheer them with happy thoughts of This Time Next Week before despatching them into cold dark morning.  ( Must make sure that daughter’s breakfast tomorrow consists of more than chocolate from the Advent Calendar.)

After long dog walk with friend (discuss Christmas trees, plasterboard and  Homeland), head off to hairdressers in local town in effort to Smarten Up for forthcoming festivities; am Taken In Hand by kindly lady, who a) apparently shares own views on teenage boys, Christmas presents and Wham and b) clearly understands that there is no point asking me How I Normally Style It. End result a considerable improvement, though long-cherished hope that new haircut will somehow transform me into someone else entirely remains, sadly, unfulfilled.

Spend evening wrapping presents and inspecting proposed contents of children’s stockings. Am definitely beginning to feel festive.

6 thoughts on “Looking forward

  1. A little festive panic setting in here, does that count as festive feeling? How lovely to have found a kindred spirit at the hairdresser’s, I think this is what I need too.

    • Used to think festive panic pretty much synonymous with festive feeling when children and I were younger and less lazy. Hairdresser was indeed a great find and I have even made repeat appointment for next year, in proper grown-up manner.

  2. Worry upon reading above that Own Parenting Skills lacking as have served chocolate from advent calendar for all meals, having bought extra so that we do not Run Out. Also marvelling at impossibility of not replying to Delafield idiom in Delafield idiom despite effort to Be Oneself as urged by Oprah Winfrey.

    • Delafield idiom remarkably catching, and am finding it increasingly difficult to resist Capital Letters in normal correspondence. Suspect wholehearted annexation of other’s style demonstrates troubling inadequacy in own character, but have decided not to worry about it.

  3. My hairdresser actually is a teenage boy (or not long out of teens) but he too has given up asking me how I style my hair.

    You may be interested to know that the Diary of a Provincial Lady is soon to be radio 4’s Book at Bedtime.

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