Old and new

Another glorious sunny sparkling morning; go for long walk with dog and conclude that a) 2014 has – from entirely selfish point of view – been Quite A Good Year b) connecting with people via blogging has been its biggest unexpected pleasure and c) I definitely need new walking boots.

Not yet quite ready to emerge from post-Christmas routine of eating, reading and watching old films with children, but am beginning to look forward to new year; plan to be better person in every way and have elegant, interesting and cultured life to match new Persephone Diary.

Hope that 2015 will be a good year for everyone.

11 thoughts on “Old and new

  1. Glad 2014 was A Good Year for you. Ours could’ve been a tad better: I had emergency surgery to have my gall bladder removed last February, but at least that’s a body part that won’t go wrong in the future, just one to eliminate, har, har!
    I once bought a Persephone Diary but it looked so smart that I never used it, defeating its object.
    The Tree has been dismantled, decorations put away for another year, and today the cards will come down.
    Had a walk in chilly wind along sea front but I felt it Did Us Good. Today is a Soup Day, I think. Just off to make tomato & courgette, a firm favourite, although both ingredients suggest summer and not winter. But they make delicious soup.
    Yes, you have a good 2015, too! Glad to have found your delightful blog!
    Margaret P

    • Chilly sea front walks and homemade soup sound like the perfect way to spend a winter’s day! Thank you so much for your comments, and I do hope that 2015 is a better year for you.

  2. Dear Mrs F, So it is Out with the Old and In with the New then? I very much look forward to seeing your elegant new walking boots, perhaps in Mrs F’s very first vlog? I wish you a 2015 awash with elegance, culture, interest and above all happiness. Mr Ax

    • I think that we can be fairly sure that a) no walking boots of mine will ever be elegant and b) there will be no vlogs from Mrs Ford (though it would be a handy way of embarrassing the children …); but thank you so much for your kind wishes, and I likewise wish you and your family a very very happy 2015. xx

    • Sorry for late reply; you have probably already lost that stone by now. Hope that you will have a very happy 2015 as well, and I’m looking forward to lots more reading inspiration on your blog!

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