While sons spend yesterday happily honing vital life skill of Doing Nothing, daughter and I set off on train for dose of London; have good time looking at people and shops, and even manage Culture in form of Saatchi Gallery and French film. Atmosphere in cinema one of studious reverence, even before film begins, and within first few minutes man in front of us asks his gently murmuring neighbour If He Will Please Be Quiet; suspect he would not have enjoyed Paddington at local cinema last week.

Have been asked to write Intercessions for today’s Family Service and as usual leave it until last minute to search for The Right Words (which seem more than usually important this week); relieved as always once it’s all done, and have good chat with vicar and retired church warden about sleep, village housing trust, and teenage boys’ hairstyles.

Rest of day spent cooking,ironing and commiserating with younger son about all the Foulers on opposing football team; home life now seems completely Back to Normal.


2 thoughts on “Entente

  1. I do quite a lot of commiserating about Foulers as well, it is the lot of the footballer’s mother I think. Loved the article on the art of doing nothing. I try and be busy at all times to avoid any tricky thoughts edging their way in. I think the man at the cinema might benefit from sitting through Paddington a couple of times. Wishing you a good week. CJ xx

    • Yes, I think there was a lot of good sense in that “doing nothing” article – and agree that a trip or two to “Paddington” might provide the man in the cinema with some Useful Perspective! Hope you have a good (and not too busy) week.

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