Speaking And Listening

Children seem to have flurry of tests, mock exams and Controlled Assessments this week;  despatch them to school with well-meaning but no doubt useless advice, and resolve to do Something Nice to compensate at half-term (only outing so far scheduled is to Orthodontist).

Regular Tuesday walk with friends; discuss work, star-gazing, and rumours (almost certainly untrue) about Russian Oligarchs moving into village. Dramatic Society have made rather Brave choice of The Winter’s Tale for their next production, and friend is very excited to be playing Shepherdess and Gentleman Number Three.

Catch end of The Secret Life of 4 Year Olds and then watch Inside The Commons; cannot quite resist drawing parallels between the two.

6 thoughts on “Speaking And Listening

  1. I have theoretical plans to do Something Nice at half term too. And the only thing on our calendar is the dentist. A Russian oligarch, how exciting, it will be like one of those novels where the whole village is in a stir and everyone has to examine their lives and nothing will ever be the same again. CJ xx

  2. Not quite a Russian oligarch, but the man who has largely financed UKIP has apparently just bought a house in a nearby, fairly remote but pricy, North Yorkshire village to the great excitement of some villagers and utter horror of others according to an acquaintance whose parents farm nearby. Re TV comparisons – I thought that 4 year olds was a bit advanced for some MP’s.

    • I can imagine how that might cause Quite A Stir in that village! And, yes,the nursery children did seem quite mature compared with some of the MPs;I do feel sorry for all their hardworking colleagues whose reputation they damage.

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