Many parts

Yesterday’s attempt to combine orthodontist trip with Family Day Out in local cathedral city much brightened by unexpected encounter with student nephew and his visiting brother in Waterstones; do not resist Pavlovian urge to ply them both with food, and head to one of several Mexican restaurants nearby for A Proper Meal (nephew takes photo of vegetables to show his mother). Discuss travel, McDonald’s, Twelfth Night, and the difference between burritos and enchiladas (none of us knows);  wonder, not for first time, whether aunts have the very best role in family life.

Rejection from final publisher concludes short-lived ambition to write Brilliant Bestselling Book. Surprised to realise that am not too disappointed, and spend happy time day-dreaming about all the other exciting things that I might quite possibly do in future. Am very glad in meantime that own experience of provincial life bears as much resemblance to the relentless unpleasantness of The Casual Vacancy as my literary career does to J.K.Rowling’s.

13 thoughts on “Many parts

  1. Sounds like a quite excellent day out. I never know what all the different Mexican things are either. Sorry about the rejection, maybe the next one is the one that will be the Brilliant Bestselling Book. Don’t give up, believe in yourself. And have a good Sunday. CJ xx

  2. Just for you, delighted to have found your diary through The Quince Tree, I looked up burritos and enchiladas in the giant Mexican cookbook given to me ( a heavy hint, I fear) by lovely Mexican daughter-in-law-to-be. It tells me that “a burrito is a wheat tortilla containing simple fillings.” I was unable to find such a brief description of the enchilada, although the many regional recipes given indicate that it is a corn tortilla, filled with chicken or whatever else you fancy, rolled up, lightly fried, and covered in a sauce based on chiles. And maybe cheese. And fattening and delicious….

    Don’t give up with the book, whatever you do!

    • Thank you so much for taking the trouble to explain it all to me and how exciting to have an authentically Mexican answer! I’m beginning to feel quite hungry now though….

  3. Please may I adopt you as my Aunt (I am currently Auntless, as my only Aunt died many years ago), then you can take me for delicious Mexican meals (although I am not sure if we have any Mexican restaurants in the Scottish Borderd!)

    • You are much too kind! My now abandoned book idea was actually for something completely different – A Modern, Inspiring and Wide-Ranging Handbook For All Girls Aged 11-18, Empowering Them With The Skills And Knowledge They Need on All Aspects of Their Life As They Grow Up. I enjoyed the preliminary research and writing, so it was not a complete Waste of Time. And it was because of my efforts to characterise myself as a Writer that I started this blog, which has proved an unexpected pleasure in all sorts of ways!

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