The London Scene

Pensioners’ lunch club on Wednesday particularly busy, and after usual struggle to serve teas and coffees in required combinations am quite relieved to find myself on train to London to attend first-ever Literary Party.  Arrive at destination far too early, and am reluctant to tramp round streets of Bloomsbury in unaccustomed Heels, so end up sitting at nearby bus stop and watching busy Londoners; wonder whether should perhaps be using time profitably to make Astute Observations in manner of Virginia Woolf but concentrate instead on being unnecessarily anxious about meeting New People.

New People turn out to be charming, friendly and welcoming; everyone seems to be distinguished journalist, author or academic (many are all three), but am soon put at ease and discuss trains, funerals and husbands as though with perfectly normal crowd. Publisher makes warm and gracious speech; prize-winning essayist, who looks about same age as own daughter, reads poetic extracts from essay on Katherine Mansfield;  there are photos, flowers and kind words aplenty , and I would happily have stayed longer if not for a) worry about return train and b) increasingly acute pain from shoes.

Weather here still disconcertingly lovely, and plan to spend afternoon in garden once have finished admin, ironing and proof-reading Horticultural Association Schedule.   May allow myself some slight literary day-dreaming.


8 thoughts on “The London Scene

  1. Fortunately I am now old enough to know better than to wear uncomfortable shoes ……. and it does help that my next door neighbours own a wonderful shoe shop and keep me shod in comfortable but stylish fashion!!
    Have a great weekend, Anne

    • Well, I can’t exactly plead youthful ignorance, and Have Only Myself To Blame! How exciting to live next to shoe shop owners – I’m feeling distinctly jealous…. Hope you have a lovely weekend as well.

    • Yes, I did have a very good time! Likewise sorry not to see you but it was rather a Flying Visit – hope to have a longer trip to London before too long and will Be In Touch x

  2. Trips to London always seem to result in apologies, don’t they! (ref. William’s comment) Never enough time to do everything/see everyone…. You are brave – or possibly just haven’t given up yet – to go in heels; I swear that London pavements are harder than Somerset ones. If less muddy.

    • Brave in the sense of “utterly foolish” perhaps! I thought that I should Make An Effort, but will be sticking to more practical footwear in future – as you say, it is hard enough to do everything and see everyone in London even without self-imposed impediments.

  3. Just found your delightful blog while weeping over the demise of The Quince Tree. Looking forward to reading more …..

    • Thank you so much for your kind comments. I too had grown very fond of The Quince Tree, and hope that it will return at some point…Very good to make your acquaintance in the meantime!

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