Catching of happiness

Am finding it difficult to work out whether time goes a) very fast or b) very slowly. Still slightly reeling from realisation that at next General Election all three children will be eligible to vote, receive e-mail from school about Friday’s Solar Eclipse and possible Selfie Danger; have only vague memories of the pre-smartphone 1999 eclipse (much of that era is rather a Blur), but life with only one small toddler does now seem very very distant.

Village life meanwhile remains somehow timeless, and annual cycle of events is beginning all over again: Mothering Sunday Crafts (done), collating of Horticultural Association Annual Schedule (to be arranged), first outdoor Cricket Nets (2nd April – probably in the snow). Receive letter from Rotary Club sub-committee confirming involvement in biannual village Garden Safari in June and asking whether am planning Additional Attractions for visitors; feel that it will be quite enough of a challenge trying to make garden presentable to outsiders, but  wonder whether could list Tortoise, who proved major hit in 2013 (slightly redeeming herself for having previously chomped through most of flower-bed).

Spend lunchtime not listening to Budget, and thinking about International Day of Happiness on Friday. Am planning –  rather aptly, I feel –  to spend it with friend visiting from America.

12 thoughts on “Catching of happiness

    • I know, almost too much excitement for one day – though eclipse may turn out to be complete non-event here if current weather forecast proves accurate!

  1. A Day of Happiness and a solar eclipse, thank goodness I stop by here otherwise I’d have no idea what was going on. A tortoise would definitely be a big attraction on a garden safari I think. The small village equivalent of a black rhino at the very least. She must be listed. CJ xx

  2. Your tortoise should most certainly be given Attraction status. Spending time with friends always makes me happy and I can think of nothing better than doing that on the Day of Happiness. By the way, I thought I’d check out what it was all about – there’s a website and you can download a free Happiness Pack… (really!).

  3. I’m slightly ashamed to realise that the idea of an official Day of Happiness turns me into tutting, muttering curmudgeon. I may campaign for a Day of Mild Disapproval – that should cover it round these parts…..

    • I know exactly what you mean, and although it’s a UN thing and laudable in many ways, must admit that I felt much the same when I saw the website pictures of the Happiness Activists. Mild Disapproval does not perhaps get its due acknowledgement as a core human feeling – and quite possibly a source of happiness as well…

  4. Recently found your blog. Without meaning to sound trite, it’s a joy to read. You write so brilliantly. On another note. We once spent a fortune visiting Powderhan castle in Devon (not a real castle) for the kids to spends most of their time hunting for dandelion leaves & feeding the tortoise. No-one can remember the castle.

  5. Enjoyed the Day of Happiness and now looking forward to the Eclipse. We’re promised a good view and for once the sky is fairly clear.

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