Landscape and memory

Deeply-ingrained habit of starting weekdays with Today programme rarely has positive impact on mood or outlook, but am intrigued amongst all the sadness this morning to hear about survey linking personalities to geographical regions, and decide to try out Personality Quiz myself. Am awarded lowest score on Agreeableness and highest on Neuroticism, and advised that I might be suited to living in Oxford; forced to conclude that a) online quizzes are harder to manipulate than magazine versions of youth, in which I always emerged as Ideal Friend or Perfect Partner and b) I should  probably not apply for any jobs which involve Psychometric Testing.

Am however ideally qualified for unpaid village roles by combination of availability and guilt, and find myself yesterday as new trustee at Board Meeting of local Almshouses charity.  The Vicar chairs with the crisp efficiency of someone who a) attends lots of meetings and b) wants to get home and see her baby granddaughter; other trustees talk knowledgeably about charity rules, social need and accessible stopcocks; while  own contribution is limited to excusing myself from Grand Opening of new almshouses as it clashes with  Horticultural Association coffee morning.

Have mounting piles of Deskwork so spend morning cleaning kitchen and thinking about Twitter, cooking, E Nesbit, and why it doesn’t at all feel as though it will be Easter next week.

27 thoughts on “Landscape and memory

  1. I also scored low on Agreeableness and should be living in exactly the spot that my great grandparents came from. I too have piles of deskwork and instead I’m reading blogs. Easter next week? Are you sure Mrs Ford?

    • End of next week at least, so plenty of time for lots more procrastination. Perhaps it is only the piles of deskwork that prevent us from being completely Agreeable?

    • I’m beginning to think that doing Personality Quizzes is even worse for morale than listening to the news. I think this is the point that we must start to query the Scientific Basis of that test.

      • I must confess that I already had an inkling that I was neurotic and disagreeable, but I’m concerned that I’m only likely to achieve 50% life satisfaction. I’m perfectly happy being neurotic and disagreeable and I don’t even live in West Dorset. It’s all so confusing. CJ xx

      • Children and husband have now all had a go. None of us comes out well, and we have all been despatched to completely different parts of Britain. Daughter – who Hates The Countryside – is completely horrified that her best hopes of happiness also seem to lie in West Dorset.

  2. I’m glad that I listen to Radio 2 in the morning, so have escaped being told I’m only fit to live in Stoke Poges (not that I know where that is, I just dredged the name up from a deep recess of my brain!!) I have learned how to say no to committees, having served on more than I care to remember! (although I am always there to lend a helping hand on the day!!)

    • I’m getting better at saying no, but do sometimes dream of living an anonymous and committee-free life in a big city somewhere….Not sure that that demonstrates any more admirable side to my character than this morning’s quiz, though!

  3. After vowing this morning not to try another online personality quiz (and unable to resist doing it anyway), I was pleased to find that I am only a medium level neurotic and very slightly disagreeable. It looks like Oxford is the place for me with 71% life satisfaction there.
    I think the whole thing is a ruse to bump up house prices further in the Home Counties TBH.

    • There is something quite hard to resist about a personality quiz, especially if you can somehow persuade yourself that all the positive findings are uncannily accurate and the negative ones baseless nonsense. Interesting thought about the house prices – wonder whether Oxford will now market itself as ideal destination for mild to serious neurotics…

  4. I’m thrilled to discover I should live in Lewes – one of my favourite old stamping grounds. I must ask Steerforth of the Age of Uncertainty to do the quiz, as he already lives there.

    • I’m glad that the quiz has produced some happiness at last! Lewes does seem a very appealing place. And thank you for introducing me to The Age of Uncertainty, which I think I am going to enjoy Very Much.

  5. Availability & guilt sound like a dangerous combination. They should be filed seperately. Just off to do this now. I’ve come to the stage in my life, post primary school kids, having done a lot of volunteering, that I would now like to GET PAID!

    • Getting Paid definitely has a lot to recommend it, and I do hope that you will find something suitable. (Though preferably not something which will stop you writing your very interesting blog!)

  6. It seems I am a conscientious, hardworking, slightly neurotic individual, who would enjoy living in Craven. Lovely post, Mrs Ford, thank you for drawing our attention to the quiz, it’s been a lot of fun.

  7. I am struggling to get into this quiz on the iPad, so am currently rather Disagreeable. And I already know I would be happy living in that rather wealthy part of Devon, you know the bit, sparkly blue sea, rolling hills that smell of money, every other man answering to the cry of “Morning, Colonel!” Today I’m not very neurotic, or indeed hard working and conscientious, but tomorrow I might be, so maybe I don’t need the personality quiz after all?

    My manager in my old job loved Myers-Briggs assessments, although was startled to discover that I had two distinctly different profiles – a sociable, co-operative, team member work persona, and a solitary, private, not-answering-the-door-today domestic one, which I rather preferred.

    • Yes, I suspect lots of us have several different versions of ourselves (perhaps just as well in my case…). The quiz is fun to do if you do manage to access it, but I don’t think you need to concern yourself if you don’t – it sounds as though you are admirably settled where you are.

  8. I have just been reading my Persephone Biannually. Jolly well done Mrs Ford, I look forward to reading your essay on the Persephone website in due course.

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