Let’s Make Things Happen

Start reading through rather daunting pile of Prospectuses brought home by daughter after recent University Admissions Information Day. Pleased to note that every single university in United Kingdom is a) World-Class b) Cutting-Edge c) held in particular regard by prospective employers and d) situated in or near the best city in the country for students. (Though only one apparently Provides You With Everything That Allows You To Be All That You Can Be, rather in style of Bleu de Chanel advertisement that has unreasonably infuriated me for last few Christmases.)

Weather warm, sunny and spring-like (though all forecast to change in time for sons’ first cricket match of new season tomorrow);  hang out washing in happy consciousness of its great literary tradition, admire emerging tulips,  think about making a birthday cake, and vow to be much more diligent Diarist from now on.

16 thoughts on “Let’s Make Things Happen

  1. I am always slightly alarmed by the ‘Be All That You Can Be’ ilk. Not sure it’s a positive statement at all! (PS Lovely to see your post in my inbox. You’ve quite cheered my day.)

    • I was also rather thrown by their invitation to consider What Is It That Makes You,”You”? Just as well that none of it was aimed at me, I suppose….
      Thank you so much for your kind comment. Have a lovely weekend.

    • Yes, I love them too, though for some reason they are Very Late here this year; can’t wait for some Dazzling Colour in the garden (still mostly green and brown at the moment).

  2. Very pleased to see you’re back. I think a new career beckons, ‘University Prospectus Writer – experience of realism and understatement desirable’.

  3. Great to be reading your diary again. This weekend weather is changing just in time for our son’s birthday party. Ill advised or not, we’re taking 11 twelve year olds to the park for a war game, non-stop cricket, british bull-dog and (this is the bit I’m worried about, but my son’s the most excited about) we’re giving them noisy pound shop guns. What’s not to like! My husband has it all in hand though as he heads up to the park with his spread-sheet! What ‘a wrong with the back of an envelope?

    • It sounds like the perfect birthday plan for a gang of twelve year olds, and I’m sure they’ll have a wonderful time whatever the weather (especially with the guns, I suspect…). The back of an envelope is always my favoured planning method, but I’m very impressed by your husband’s dedication! Hope you both have a lovely relaxed time once It’s All Over (always my favourite bit of children’s parties, I must admit).

  4. It’s far too onerous to consider things like Being All You Can Be and What Make You You, It all makes me feel particularly inadequate. When I was doing a degree I was working full-time and not thinking about anything at all philosophical and now I feel like a ship has sailed. My middle one is camping tonight, hence the change in weather to cloud and rain. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. CJ xx

    • Yes, I’m generally much happier when not thinking too much (or indeed at all) about my own character! Very impressed that you managed to combine your degree with a full time job – well done you. Hope your son survived his camping in the rain, and enjoy the rest of Sunday.

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