Home and Away

New week, new month and better than expected weather lead to surprisingly positive Monday mood; go for long walk with friend and determine to Clean The House From Top To Bottom.  Get as far as first child’s bedroom before all enthusiasm evaporates, but carry on in spirit of Dogged Determination, thinking about roses, menopausal rock stars and Rear Window.

Afternoon spent cooking and discussing Themes of Hospitality and Homecoming in The Odyssey with daughter who has AS exam tomorrow; any remaining brain capacity quite exhausted as a result, and am secretly quite relieved when son later rejects offer of Help With His Spanish Revision in favour of cricket nets and Test Match Highlights.

Will be spending rest of week staying with sister while husband takes Sole Charge of household; feel excited for all sorts of reasons, and only concern is What To Pack for week which will apparently include cold rain, strong winds, warm or Very Warm sunshine, and thunderstorms.

10 thoughts on “Home and Away

  1. Yes, you will need to pack everything I think, the weather will be throwing it all down in one last blast before a glorious summer begins. Cricket has just been discovered here, a whole new world is opening up. How on earth does one get grass stains and mud out of whites? It’s madness. I do like the idea of stopping for tea though. And of course stopping for rain will be a novelty after eight months of football. I hope the exams go well for all. CJ xx

    • I think of cricket as part of my Cultural Inheritance; my father and brother were both keen players and are now even keener spectators, and I am ridiculously delighted that both sons are now continuing the tradition! I hope that you all continue to enjoy it. As far as washing is concerned, I just try to make sure that the grass stains are nice and clean.

  2. So hope that great enjoyment will be had with visit to sister and that packing satisfactorily includes options for all eventualities. Suggest leaving housework to husband as way of filling long lonely evenings whilst away. Hope that daughters exam(s) went well and will produce good results. xx

    • Most enjoyable and productive visit to sister, thank you! No obvious evidence that husband (or indeed children) suffered loneliness or any other hardship as a result of my absence, though dog seemed pleased to see me. Exams have apparently been All Right so far and after tomorrow will be OVER, thank goodness.

    • Thank you! I did enjoy your post, and all those uncannily apt extracts from E.M. Delafield on the always tricky question of What To Wear. I could relate to them all.

  3. Glad to see it’s not just me who offers Help With Revision and then is secretly relieved when said Help is rejected. June is a tricky time to pack for; have been know in the past to go on holiday complete with Wellingtons, Anorak, Swimming Suit and Sun-cream. Large travelling bag perhaps the best advice. Judy.

    • Yes, I seem to take more away on a shortish visit to family than for our two week summer holiday. Luckily I did manage to cover all eventualities, and am now back home again in time for more insincere offers of help with homework and revision….

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