Days of wine and roses

Spend happy few days staying with sister and family. Have offered to Make Myself Useful while sister Juggles children, work, mother-in-law, imminent house move and organising the Church Fête,  and hope that my talking to her incessantly while she continues to do all the above will have made All The Difference.

House sale proceeding rather faster than anticipated, and sister’s family will be renting for some time until new house is found; this does not stop us making forays into surrounding villages and towns in hope that Perfect House will somehow magically appear, but   succeed only in realising how beautiful everywhere looks on a sunny June day.

Leave sister making prototypes of jungle animals for monthly Children’s Activity Morning in village library, and return home in time for lunch party organised by friend in honour of her son’s 21st. Relieved on his behalf to confirm that this forms only part of his birthday celebrations and have merry time sitting in rose-filled garden, talking about Network Rail,  children’s names and cat cafés, and trying to ignore his rather Loud second cousin at next table explaining at length to his companion why the bottle of wine I brought was Not Great.

Weather continues to be sunny and bright, poppies are blooming in garden, and daughter’s exams finish at lunchtime.  Feel that housework today may be rather Cursory.


16 thoughts on “Days of wine and roses

  1. You make me feel very idle. Am I right in thinking that your sister is married to your husband’s brother or am I confusing you with someone else?

    • Very well remembered! Yes, my sister is another Mrs Ford and our lives are remarkably similar in many ways, except that she is about ten times busier and makes me feel very idle as well.

  2. Do so hope that bloggers sister will find new house soon and that all will be well with sale and move. Wonder what would be appropriate response to young man discussing not great wine. Can only think to suggest that he does not drink said wine! Was glad to have found amusing blog post to read whilst breaking from housework for lunch. Reflecting upon said post will make cleaning kitchen this afternoon more pleasant. xx

    • Thank you very much for kind comments! I wondered about making Witty Remark to the wine connoisseur while he somehow managed to force down several glasses of my rose, but settled for smiling Wryly at my lunch plate.

  3. Ah, life is good I think. Your sister sounds quite amazing, one of those people that I wish I was like. I wish I knew the secret. CJ xx

  4. My sister was at college with an identical twin, who married an identical twin – and her sister married the brother (hope you followed that). I hope you “accidentily spilled something very staining on the best shirt of the annoying loud wine snob!!

  5. I have been sent here by the lovely Sam in her Coastal Plot and am delighted to make your acquaintance. Not sure of the etiquette on Capitalisation and overwhelmed by the complicated genealogies so will sit quietly in the corner for a while.

    • Delighted to make your acquaintance as well. Sam recommended your blog to me and I have been Lurking there very happily for a couple of weeks admiring your lovely photos and witty commentary. I think that we may well be very similar in our attitude to gardening, and as you liked “Elizabeth and her German Garden” think you might also enjoy “The Diary of a Provincial Lady” which might go some way to explaining my Capital Letters (though unfortunately not my in-laws).

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