Temperatures are rising and Tuesday walking group heads to beach for swimming, sunbathing or (in my case) fully-clothed paddling at water’s edge.  Generous and capable friend arrives with freshly-baked muffins and cafetière of coffee for us all, and we discuss Greek economic situation, summer dressing, and the many advantages of being middle-aged – though rather suspect that we have more advantages than most.

Village Garden Safari at weekend generally adjudged A Success;  slightly nervous before arrival of first visitors on Saturday, but soon get into the swing of boasting about the roses,  apologising for the vegetable patch, and trying to explain why we generally call tortoise Tortoise (visitors are not impressed by this).  Everyone very friendly and kind, and full of helpful suggestions for Slug Control.

Much talk about Heatwave tomorrow. Daughter is attending university open day and will have to battle with London Underground, and sons as usual seem to have several demanding sporting events apiece. I plan to do very little indeed.


12 thoughts on “Summertime

  1. Many great joys in reaching middle age, including ability to converse with strangers in own garden regarding all kinds of matters. Can only imagine lack of visitors imagination in not seeing joy of calling tortoise Tortoise. (Note: must investigate further family memories of pet tortoises) Garden safari sounds as though it was great success (Query: why no photographs? Suppose goes against grain of type of blog?). Great success all round.

    • I think that Safari visitors were quite relieved to discover that our dog (who appeared sporadically at window looking mournful) was not called Dog. Yes, I do sometimes wonder about including photos in the Diary but a) mine would not be nearly as good as everyone else’s and b) I like to maintain a certain Air of Mystery.

  2. Well done on the garden safari. My tortoise was called Sebastian, I remember him well. Children, having done school sports day already, plus a giant charity run round the school field fifty times, are today doing an inter-school sports day. Will it never end. I fear I shall not be attending. It’s a bridge too far. Generous and capable friends are fine things indeed, everyone should have one. CJ xx

    • Yes, even at secondary school (where expectations of parental participation are fortunately much lower) there seems to be a sudden explosion of events and outings and special activities in the last few weeks of the summer term, at the stage where everyone has really just Had Enough. You are quite right to opt out of the inter-school sports day. Sebastian is a fine tortoise name.

  3. Am spending heatwave indoors, reading blogs and occasionally giving my Elizabeth Barrett Browning impression (involves reclining on sofa, not writing poetry…) May venture outdoors for my own garden safari if I can find 1) big floppy hat, 2) locate a machete (suspect my safari of entirely different nature to yours). Keep cool.

    • Normally I quite like a bit of therapeutic machete-style gardening, but spent yesterday doing a very good impression of a fragile 19th century invalid as well, and am pathetically glad to see the rain today. Hope you survived OK!

  4. Ah…the joys of the University Open Day. I am so relieved that is all behind me. Never mind cafetière of coffee – I always needed a stiff drink by the time I got home after accompanying son.

  5. My grand daughter calls everything Gah with an interesting variation of inflections in her voice. If I ever get a tortoise I’m going to call it Gah.

    • Thank you – I really enjoyed reading your very interesting post on words and images, and all the discussion that followed. I am in fact quite obsessed with the look of things, and can get quite ridiculously excited by seeing a particular pattern or colour or even font, but completely agree with you about the magical powers of words. I look forward to reading more of yours!

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