End of Term

Long, long school term finally staggering to a close. Spend evening with husband and sons at school’s Sports Presentation Evening; undeniably thorough reports on every fixture of past academic year are fortunately interspersed with silly videos of teachers lip-syncing Troublemaker and endless puerile banter between PE staff, so do not feel entirely out of place.

Bump into childhood friend in queue for interval wine, and am rather taken aback to discover that she has recently become a grandmother; find it equally hard to picture friend’s mother (forever fixed in my mind as epitome of casual Seventies glamour) as a great-grandmother, and quite impossible to imagine myself now being of any use whatsoever if confronted with a small baby; but delighted that friend, daughter and not entirely planned granddaughter all seem to be Flourishing.

Have planned to go away for a few days tomorrow with family; weather prospects for Friday distinctly gloomy, and children showing tendency to mutter that they Just Want To Stay At Home And Relax, but nonetheless remain confident that a little adventure will do us all A Power Of Good.


12 thoughts on “End of Term

  1. Yes, heading out tomorrow as well, and the forecast is hideous. Sigh. Have asked neighbour to water the garden while I’m away, although I feel it may not be an onerous task. But as you say, it will be Character Building and we will all come back Stronger And Wiser. Have a good one. CJ xx

    • I’m quite sure that we will both return from our respective trips Improved in all sorts of unexpected ways. And yes, I’m not worrying too much about the garden drying out while we’re away either. Hope you have a lovely break.

  2. I’ve just waived my brood off for a few days Character Building activity, and am going to thoroughly enjoy living in a house where rooms don’t mysteriously untidy themselves behind my back. We attended our daughters’ awards evening, but I was confused as majority of awards went to dance and drama students – came away wandering if I should sponsor an award for ‘accidental use of rude word due to incompetent spelling, in an English essay’ or perhaps an award for the maths student ‘most willing to share their homework with their maths-phobic classmates’

    Have a good break.

    • Funnily enough, those are exactly the sort of awards which the wags in the PE Department were suggesting last night, along with “most ingenious use of teamwork in an exam situation” and suchlike. I sometimes wonder whether being on my own in the house for a few days might in fact be my perfect holiday, but am Thinking Positive about our forthcoming Adventure and will report back sometime next week. Enjoy the peace and quiet.

  3. Somewhat dismayed to discover that everyone else in the Entire World except for Derbyshire seems to have broken up for the school holidays. One more day to go. Teary-eyed at the sound of Year 6 children rehearsing their leaving assembly despite not even having a child in Year 6 this year. I wish you a pleasant break, Mrs Ford and hope that a Good Time is had by all. xx

    • Yes, it felt very much last week as we were The Only Ones who hadn’t finished term weeks ago! Glad that Derbyshire has finally broken up as well and hope that your holidays are going well so far. I am pretty much guaranteed to be teary-eyed at any occasion involving groups of children singing, and even got quite a lump in my throat watching videos of rowdy teenagers lip-syncing to “Sweet Caroline” at last week’s Sports Presentation Evening. My own children despair.

    • My friend did seem to be very happy, and coping remarkably well with her new grandmotherly status – even managing a whole night in sole charge of the baby the previous week (the baby had slept better than she had, though).

  4. Rather dismayed by the news that the vogue for teachers lip-syncing to various Popular Songs is spreading around the country like a desperately-to-be-avoided virus. My own school tried to enlist all of its teachers to join in with a similar Project but happily the English Department as a whole declined the invitation… Judy.

    • Sorry for very late reply – have been Getting Away From It All on family holiday. I didn’t realise that teachers lip-syncing was A Thing, and can see how it could easily become a bore; luckily the videos I saw were genuinely well done and very funny – even, I might say, a bit Heart-warming.

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