We Cater for Pleasure

Not sure that I can blame recent hopelessness of diary-keeping entirely on school holidays, which children now seem to manage very well without noticeable maternal involvement – though do somehow still feel that normal life is On Hold until new term begins.

Have recently returned from second trip away with family; eschew more obviously teenage-friendly destinations in favour of remote cottage in North Yorkshire surrounded by sheep and cattle, and six miles from nearest shop, and am relieved that after surprisingly sunny week of walking, throwing stones in rivers and visiting Yves St Laurent exhibition holiday is pronounced Better Than We Thought It Would Be. Younger son fortunately avoids public use of what he fondly considers to be a Northern accent and confines his mimicry urge to rather unsettlingly accurate versions of my own musings on What Family Holidays Were Like When I Was Young.

Back home to find farmers already ploughing the fields, garden looking distinctly faded, and evenings undeniably Drawing In. Feel overwhelming desire to visit Dreamland.

10 thoughts on “We Cater for Pleasure

    • I was rather proud of discovering such a beautiful exhibition quite near our holiday house; but sadly have no reason to be proud of the garden at the moment. August is definitely not its best month.

  1. Give it time, Mrs Ford. I hope you enjoy your vacation with your family. Come back to the garden and plant some new seeds. Your reading list looks great by the way.

  2. There is almost no grass left in my garden (except in the vegetable beds) after a long hard summer of golf clubs (other half) and cricket and football (children). Have spent a happy hour today throwing handfuls of grass seed at it and banning anyone from stepping foot on it. All in all it sounds as though your summer has been a triumph. Nicely done. CJ xx

    • Perhaps we should console ourselves with the thought that a destroyed lawn means a happy family. Or something like that. Yes, our summer seems to have gone well so far; hope yours has too (and, as the children keep reminding me when I get wistful and autumnal, It’s Not Over Yet).

  3. Oh ‘What Family Holidays Were Like When I Was Young’ – I am so guilty of this and am unable to stop myself once I get started even though I can see everybody rolling their eyes at me.

  4. Feel glad that do not have teenagers to handle in tricky holiday situations, but greatly admiring of those who do handle such situations. Note, add Yorkshire to list of future holiday destinations, Mrs Ford reports that it is delightful. xx

    • I’m afraid that even the worst-behaved teenager wouldn’t have taken so long to reply – many apologies for my recent laziness. Yes, Yorkshire was lovely and thoroughly recommended – lots to see and do, and just beautiful. (Seems a long time ago now though….)

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