Rain returns, wetter than ever. Tuesday walking group opts for coffee and scones in friend’s kitchen, sons’ football matches are cancelled Due To Waterlogged Pitch, and local newspaper board outside village shop advertises “Floods Special”.  Think about using enforced indoorness to catch up with undone Admin and spend many happy hours getting irritated with everyone’s political comments on the internet.

Kindly gentleman rings up from The Almshouses Gazette to check details of article recently submitted about new village almshouses; seems rather disappointed that lady cutting ribbon in photo of opening ceremony  is a mere 98 and not our oldest resident (who is 101 and was born the day the First World War broke out), but we agree that a picturesque story cannot be allowed to overrule Facts.

Autumn has now officially arrived, and next few weeks promise plenty of Village Life in form of coffee mornings, quiz evenings, jumble sales, Harvest Craft Activities,  village players’ performance of One Man, Two Guvnors and Adult Halloween Disco to raise money for village nursery (Fancy Dress Optional). Advertisement has also appeared at the bus stop for Christmas Crafts Fair but am studiously ignoring it.

6 thoughts on “Gazette

  1. Village life is very active isn’t it. I’m particularly impressed with the idea of an adult Hallowe’en disco. I hope you have a lovely time. CJ xx

    • My friend who works at the village nursery is helping to organise the disco so I know a) I will have to wear fancy dress b) I will have to dance so c) it is probably just as well that my children won’t be coming.

    • I haven’t listened to Madonna for ages! Thanks very much for the link. The weather is actually much better today so I might go wild and mow the lawn before my friend’s Macmillan coffee morning. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

    • Yes, cooking always becomes a pleasure again in autumn, and when the sun shines (as it is finally doing today) it can be one of the most beautiful seasons – though the rapidly darkening evenings are making me feel a bit wistful at the moment. I love Christmas too but NOT YET!

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