To village hall on Friday evening for postponed Horticultural Association talk on Growing And Showing Daffodils, carrying as contribution to advertised Refreshments my batch of mini-quiches, which husband says Definitely Look Home-Made. Speaker knowledgeable but friendly, and regales us with inside tales from The Daffodil Society (highly competitive but much less cut-throat than The Chrysanthemum Society, apparently) and numerous photographs of completely perfect specimens grown from £10 bulbs. Chair reminds everyone about our Annual Quiz Evening in a fortnight’s time, and I do my best to give impression that question-setting is at suitably advanced stage (have almost completed one round).

Football season now in full swing and am allowed to attend son’s match this afternoon on strict condition that I Don’t Say Anything. Do not, naturally, obey, but make some effort to be less Vocal than usual, and enjoy listening to seasoned co-supporters’ very definite views on every aspect of the game. Own knowledge of football remains rather rudimentary, but am at least able to explain with some confidence to one player’s grandmother which way our team are shooting.

Read daughter’s copy of “The Great Gatsby” and wonder whether I have finally found my perfect novel.


15 thoughts on “Expertise

  1. Oh dear Mrs F. Sounds like you are being ‘put in your place’. Not like you at all to sound defeated. Here – enjoy the modern soundtrack of Gatsby.

    • Oh no, sorry if I gave that impression! Son and I have equally relaxed attitude to each other’s instructions, and I was more than happy to let others do the Enthusiastic Shouting this time while I soaked up the last of the autumn sunshine.

  2. I never let knowing almost nothing about a subject deter me from having lots of strong opinions. A day of football here yesterday too. At times it wasn’t entirely clear which way the 7-year olds were going. CJ xx

  3. Am greatly intrigued by thought of chrysanthemum societies cut throat activities – cutting flowers or something else one wonders. Can it really be possible to spend £10 on one daffodil bulb, do not think that this could be justified in most circumstances, especially given difficulties that some provincial ladies have growing bulbs… xx

    • It would seem that specialist flower societies take competitiveness to a whole new level. I will Draw A Veil over the dark Goings On at The Chrysanthemum Society, but the £10 daffodil bulbs are apparently brand new hybrids, developed over several years and bought almost exclusively by elite daffodil growers for exhibition purposes. After a few years they become affordable and appear in catalogues designed for provincial ladies like me, who just want to see some pretty flowers in their spring garden.

  4. Oh dear, ‘dark goings on’ at The Chysanthemum society does not sound good. I hope nobody has been abusing their position! Remember you are as good as the rest of them, Mrs Ford, a very fine English Rose and it is their loss if the society or The Head Gardener does not appreciate your efforts or your presence. Focus your energies on others.x

    • Yes, daughter’s bookshelves were more tempting than anything I could find last week in our village library (the fact that Baby and Toddler Song Time was in full flow at the time probably didn’t help either). I’ve always really enjoyed American novels (like you, especially novels about the American Dream) and vaguely assumed that I must have read “The Great Gatsby”. Well, at least I have now. I will definitely look out for “The Book of Daniel” – thanks for the tip!

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