What a Country Life!

GCSE Revision Evening with elder son. Seems barely five minutes since was attending GCSE Revision Evening with daughter, and heart rather sinks at prospect of undertaking any more Joint and Interactive Revision Activity Tasks in company of other Family Units who all seem to complete required exercises very keenly and without heated arguments under their breath about correct approach to Mind Maps. Fortunately find ourselves amongst like-minded group of son’s friends and their mothers, and have surprisingly enjoyable time; agree that teachers’ recommended methods are probably preferable to own well-remembered exam preparation techniques of procrastination and Vague Reading Without Really Taking Anything In.

To village hall last night for players’ performance of One Man, Two Guvnors. Play much as I remember it from universally acclaimed and sell-out London run, sadly, but manage plenty of genuine laughs thanks to spirited contributions from friend, son’s friend (who has best lines, almost all unsuitably Risqué), and enjoyably unstable scenery.

Spend morning feeling unusually but pleasantly like Banksy as I plaster village with posters to advertise fast-approaching Horticultural Association Quiz Evening.


10 thoughts on “What a Country Life!

  1. I’m sure ‘procrastination and vague reading without really taking anything in’ is a current revision technique. My boys seem to prefer this technique. Can’t work out if it’s a gender thing or they inherited it from their mother.

    • I suspect the natural human instinct to Take The Easy Option transcends any gender limitations! I was certainly quick to explain to my son that not all girls were diligent and well-organised revisers with permanently well-stocked pencil cases and a full set of highlighters, as one of his teachers suggested.

  2. The thought of GCSE revision is a cold clutch of fear round my innards. I really don’t think I will manage it. I had no idea there were family meetings about it all either. I’m panicking already. I still have nightmares from back when I took exams and that was a number (quite a big number) of years ago. How are the quiz questions coming along? CJ xx

    • The only way to cope with motherhood, in my experience, is not to look too far ahead! GCSEs are undoubtedly a pain, but a) they are still a long way off for you all (and will probably be completely Reformed a couple of times before then anyway) b) you will all be very well prepared by the time comes, whether you like it or not and c) they will almost certainly seem less daunting with each succeeding child. I think I have finally stopped having exam nightmares – now I just wake up worrying about quiz questions….

    • I wonder whether all the current intensity started with League Tables? I’m sure exam grades didn’t use to be public property in quite the way they are now. And thank goodness we were sent our results in a private envelope to our home rather than having to pick them up at school in front of everyone else and with the local press hovering around….

  3. Yes, school heads and the like do have a rather brutal way of putting results up for all to see, oblivious to how the pupils feel in the aftermath of tests. A bit mean. However teachers equally use the press to gloat about how great their establishments are with boffins and teachers pets, so it works both ways greasing the wheels of commerce. They are using each other! Personally, I like the private envelope approach which is more sensitive to people’s feelings…and the offer of a good hug however it goes xx

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