Carrying on

To London yesterday for periodic rendezvous with former colleagues. Bump into lady from village who is off to meet family in local town; family now includes, she thinks, about 22 great-grandchildren, with two more due in February, along with a great-great-grandchild.  Feel, unusually, rather lost for words.

Am as always delighted to be in London, despite wet and windy November weather and noticeably increased Police Presence at station; am somehow reassured by sight of one elderly lady’s determined efforts to get views of particularly burly officer on best Underground route to her destination. Meet friends near site of office building where we first worked together some twenty years ago; try not to see recent demolition of building as in any way metaphorical.

Head to Sir John Soane’s Museum which none of us ever quite managed to visit in many years of working almost next door. Find it interesting but strangely depressing, and am not sure that even  promise of catacombs’refurbishment in 2016 will tempt us back; are all relieved to settle down for an afternoon’s talking about everything in nearby café, and while, sadly, we cannot actually Put The World To Rights, feel, as usual, much better afterwards.



15 thoughts on “Carrying on

  1. I know, wasn’t it windy yesterday? My front door was rattling, it rather creeped me out. Sounds as though you had a nice day.

    • It seems as though it’s been windy here for ever and as we live in an old house quite a lot of it has been rattling for days. I did have a very nice day yesterday, thank you!

    • Yes, that is exactly the right word! I do hope that you will get the chance to visit soon – maybe for the Christmas lights? I wasn’t quite in the right mood, but it was looking very pretty in Covent Garden as darkness fell last night.

  2. Maybe Sir John Soane’s Museum is one of those places we mean to visit but rarely get there. It’s been on my list for ages but en route last year the train ground to a halt because someone had jumped further up the line and we spent the rest of the day trying to get home.

    • Strangely enough, my two ex-colleagues both had severe travel difficulties on Tuesday….The museum was certainly not like anywhere I’d ever been before, and I’d be very interested to hear what you think if you ever manage to get there. (I checked out some TripAdvisor reactions afterwards to see how far I was out of step with everyone else; my favourite was “Interesting but boring”.)

  3. I think us ladies are going about this the wrong way. I personally love this in London:…and They have a great bar if you go over to The Southbank called The Understudy underneath The National Theatre. You can’t beat the views across all the way up to St Pauls Cathedral. I have my National Art Pass so I like to flash that in a very pretentious manner to some poor, unsuspecting but dazzlingly attractive museum steward in order to get discounts or free entry.

  4. A visit to Sir John’s house makes me glad that I don’t live in the 18th century. Good you found somewhere more conducive to catch up and chat. Have you been to Stafford Terrace, the high Victorian home of the Punch cartoonist Edward Linley Sambourne? Very interesting, especially in the context of the Nymans and Messel connections.

    • Sometimes I like to picture myself graciously at home in an historic house, but I certainly had no desire to linger at Sir John Soane’s. Thank you for mentioning Stafford Terrace – I haven’t been there and it does look very interesting from the website. I have been to Leighton House, nearby – a long time ago – and that was an extraordinary place.

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