Days of Christmas

After very happy and very lazy few days of Christmas celebrations, feel restored in body, mind and spirit, and distinctly Mellow; wonder vaguely whether I might be altogether nicer and calmer person if my life always consisted of reading, playing with Christmas presents and watching Agatha Christie and Shaun the Sheep

Begin vaguely to contemplate inevitable return of Normal Life and start drawing up usual list of pleasantly unrealistic ambitions for forthcoming New Year; have considerable sympathy with Katherine Mansfield’s two wishes for 1915 (“to write, to make money”), and fantasise about being cool and Modern  cook; but, for now, turn, as I always do at this stage of Christmas, to late mother’s 1961 Constance Spry Cookery Book to find recipe for Devilled Turkey Bones.


13 thoughts on “Days of Christmas

    • Thanks very much for your comment and apologies for late reply (would have to be a bit less sporadic if I were ever to make any money from writing!). I’m glad that you seemed to have had a happy if rather busy Christmas and wish you and your family a very happy New Year!

  1. Just found your writings – a happy recommendation by my sister. Feel ashamed at own attempts to write a blog and determine to do better, but know this is forlorn hope. Initial slight alarm that you may live in my village quickly dispelled by reading of obvious higher cultural efforts in your village.
    Look forward to many happy hours of catch up reading in the days ahead.

    • Thanks very much for your kind comments. As you may have discovered, my postings are a bit haphazard, but I do enjoy writing the blog – particularly the way it connects me with all sorts of interesting people – and hope that you will give yours another go! It will be interesting to see similarities and differences between our respective villages….

  2. Feeling smug in having avoided ‘turkey fatigue’ and the inevitable curry this year by rashly having bought a much reduced sized turkey. A bit of a gamble I know, but one that fortunately paid off.
    Am convinced that I would be quite a different person altogether if Agatha Christie, board games and Shaun the Sheep constituted Normal Life.

    • Yes, I think the ideal scenario is to have enough turkey leftovers for a couple of lazy post-Christmas meals ( = more time for that all-important telly-watching and games-playing) but not Too Much. Glad that you found the Perfect Balance and hope that you continue to make the right decisions throughout 2016! Very best wishes to you and your family.

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