Time Plays

Tuesday sees first Horticultural Association committee meeting of 2016; plan activities for forthcoming year, compare rumours about village pub developments, and have animated discussion about Curry. Revelation that I will turn fifty the day before our summer coffee morning met with comforting mixture of teasing, reminiscences and wise advice, though find myself not altogether uplifted by comment that You Will Still Always Be You.

Helpers’ team at pensioners’ lunch club on Wednesday joined by lady who played my mother in village production of An Inspector Calls twenty years ago; have happy time discussing gardening gloves, worst-ever holiday jobs, and The Shepherd’s Life, which apparently Divided Opinion at recent meeting of WI Book Club.    Lunchers seem in fine form, despite blustery dark day and my usual inability to provide requested combinations of tea, coffee, milk and sugar at end of meal. One couple explain apologetically that they will not be able to attend next month’s talk on rose-growing as they will be attending a wedding in Bangkok, and everyone wishes our team leader well for her trip down Amazon next week.

Opening Night of village pantomime this evening. Fortunately for all concerned, own involvement in amateur dramatics now confined to watching, though may allow myself slight bit of Audience Participation as long as children don’t come.



4 thoughts on “Time Plays

  1. Ooh, we expect a full critique of the village pantomime performance. I’d have thought Audience Participation imperative in the presence of one’s children. It amuses me no end to embarrass mine in any manner possible.

    • The village pantomime was a) funnier and b) shorter than usual, so by general agreement The Best in Years. There was an excellent new dame (young), a particularly engaging Pantomime Cow, and a rather obvious Technical Hitch with the beanstalk which naturally got the biggest laughs of the evening. I ended up going with my husband and no children, and enjoyed some hearty Audience Participation from the safety of my seat; luckily they found someone else to go on stage to help Milk The Cow.

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