Roses of success

Am moving chairs and tables in village hall in readiness for afternoon talk on Rose Growing when two well-dressed women come in and ask for directions to village tea-rooms. On realising that they have already passed it, remark that It Didn’t Look Very Lively; can’t help feeling that their experience of villages on cold February afternoons may be rather limited.

Guest speaker arrives in hall and announces to waiting committee members that a) our village is Very Far Away b) he doesn’t like gardens, gardening, the place where lives, most of the places he has lived previously, or community-based pub quiz evenings c) he has had to borrow a projector which will probably not work.  Things fortunately begin to look up when after several minutes of determined conversation I discover a shared fondness for Northumberland and that one of his daughters used to  live in the same town as my sister, and his talk turns out to be very good; though there is some distinct Muttering when he observes that in his experience women tend to struggle with pruning as they are Naturally Nurturing.

Go home, make special tea for children to mark the beginning of half-term,  light fire and begin to wonder whether I may in fact be the very epitome of Naturally Nurturing womanhood. Plan to prune roses tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “Roses of success

    • My favourite garden tasks are definitely cutting back and pulling out, which probably tells you all you need to know about my nurturing tendencies. The flawed but ultimately charming character of Rose Growing is beginning to take shape in my mind…

  1. We had a similarly disgruntled speaker once. She was talking about having to move and downsize her garden but it was clearly a bitter experience and her talk was more akin to a therapy session for her and distinctly uncomfortable for the audience. Oh and her lap top wouldn’t connect to the projector so she had to sit down to talk and most people couldn’t see her. I took away a good recommendation for a clematis but apart from that felt rather used.

    • That does sound like a thoroughly awkward experience all round. Some of our speakers have undoubtedly done a better job than others over the years, but if all else fails there is always tea and cake at the end.

  2. I hadn’t thought of myself as Naturally Nurturing as I rather enjoy pruning and cutting back though as I prune with secateurs while my husband prunes with a chainsaw, perhaps that does make me more nurturing than him.

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