Leave children on sofa watching   The Smurfs 2 and head to village hall for Rotary Club Shuffleboard Evening. Familiar gloom at prospect of any form of competitive games lifted slightly by team-mates’ repeated and possibly genuine assurances that they definitely have no ambitions to win anything, but can’t help slightly regretting self-imposed Lenten abstinence from drink.

While 11th Birthday Party Disco thumps away in next door room, organisers explain rules and emphasise that The Most Important Thing Is To Have Fun.  Suspect that my appearances at shuffleboard table offer more fun to bystanders and competitors than to my bravely-smiling team-mates, but we persevere enthusiastically and do not come last in every round.

Plans for 2016 already somewhat behind schedule, but am excited by thought of bonus Leap Day tomorrow. Hope that it will allow me to set up new website,  finish War and Peace, and write story that will win me £7,500.



6 thoughts on “Targets

  1. I’m about half way through W&P but I’ve become pleasantly side-tracked by Claire Tomalin’s biography of Pepys. I had given up wine for Lent but then I needed a bottle of white for culinary purposes so my abstinence didn’t last long. Thank you for your comment. I remember as a sixth former we had a talk about mental health and the statistic then was that one in 10 would be affected, now I believe it is more like one in three so not uncommon at all. And you are right that even the healthiest and most optimistic of us can suffer. At the moment I am self-medicating with Rescue Remedy, with limited success, but I will bear your advice in mind. Blogland is always brilliantly supportive.

    • I should probably have given up Offering Unsolicited Advice for Lent! I had severe depression in my twenties, and have known others go through it too, so am probably over-sensitive to possible warning signs. But I do hope that you won’t just try to struggle on bravely by yourself if things all get too much – we all need a bit of help sometimes.
      I’m hoping to use Mothering Sunday as the perfect excuse to finish W&P,uninterrupted, tomorrow. What a book.

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