Pictorial interlude

Garden beginning to reach its June peak, and friend who writes proper blog with actual photos comes round to take pictures. Dog, tortoise and self all much excited by brief moment of Blogland celebrity, and discuss possible relaunch of diary in autumn. Hope readers enjoy pictures in the meantime.


10 thoughts on “Pictorial interlude

  1. Your garden is gorgeous. I am hoping that you will soon be back to share some of those nuggets of village life that you’ve been collecting.

  2. Came here from Sam’ s blog. Your garden is gorgeous. I hope you start your diary again soon. Great idea for a blog, there is something rather fun about reading someone else’ s diary . Like peeping over your shoulder. Great for nosy people like me. As long as you don’ t talk about sewing. I always start to yawn when people start to talk about sewing. I have had a little read and you made me laugh. No mention of sewing as far as I read.

  3. Your garden is wonderful, Mrs F, and the tortoise makes a very charming garden accessory. I look forward to your possible return in the autumn.

  4. Thank you to everyone for very comments and apologies for inexcusable delay in replying. Garden now looking rather straggly and trampled by new puppy, so will not be sharing any pictures for a while….

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