Happy days

To London on Friday to meet a) internationally acclaimed fashion designer at opening of her new exhibition b) daughter in search of dress for end-of-term ball.  Sons insist that I Actually Blow-Dry My Fringe For Once in honour of occasion;  feel that unaccustomed effort was entirely worthwhile when two separate people at museum ask whether I too am  fashion designer. (Feel grateful that they do not see me afterwards, puffing in increasingly crumpled fashion around hot streets of central London, or battling to eat healthy takeaway oriental salad box with chopsticks on park bench.) Dress-buying mission unexpectedly straightfoward, and have time for good discussion with daughter about Manchester, Cicero and Romania before we head home in separate directions; am surprised at how normal this seems.

Son playing cricket for village Second XI on Saturday; team quickly dismissed by superior opposition, and whole match over by time tea is normally served, but nobody seems unduly worried, and have pleasant time chatting to former village postmistress about beards, childbirth, and changes in village since 1953.

Weather continues to be warm and sunny so head for sandy beach yesterday; husband swims, I paddle, everyone eats chips and generally Makes The Most Of It  just in case. Read delightful “Miss Buncle’s Book”, and see that sunshine is forecast all week.


13 thoughts on “Happy days

  1. What a lovely read, thank you. Village life sounds good, especially the cricket and Miss Buncle’s book; I also enjoyed Miss Buncle Married.

  2. Miss Buncle is absolutely delightful, as you say. I haven’t yet moved on to Miss Buncle Married though (I am a bit wary of breaking the spell of the first book).
    Best wishes

  3. Impressed that you can pull off the designer look – I’m still aspiring to bag-lady on a good day 🙂
    Now off in search of Miss Uncle…

    • That’s very kind of you to say, thank you! Have unfortunately been immersed in sadder side of Family Life over past few months (as daughter not mother) but do hope to resume Diary at some point.

      • So sorry to hear you have Family problems to deal with at present. Hope you will soon be in a position to continue with your Diary.

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