Mrs Ford Begins Again

Find myself suddenly overwhelmed by urge to Write.    Contemplate a) great Victorian-style novel as cathartic response to gloomy events of last twelve months b) becoming Voice of Reason on Twitter and c) (briefly) catching up with overdue correspondence on village almshouses. Reject all, and, with some trepidation, decide to resume Diary.

Not entirely sure what Diary will record; after loss of father, and in contemplation of second child heading to university in the autumn, have decided to embark on New Life in nearby university city, and have put house On The Market.  House-selling process so far proving good for Light Social Comedy but poor for actual Results, so may well be chronicling the ins and outs of Village Life for some time yet.

Looking forward to The Next Stage.




14 thoughts on “Mrs Ford Begins Again

  1. You are Not Alone. Our Next Phase began with our move to The Flat ten days ago. Very exciting so wishing you Coraggio e Buon Divertimento!

  2. So pleased that the Urge to Write has returned. There seems to be a (welcome) Revival of several blogs this summer. Cannot work out if it is response to banality of social media streams or spreading virus induced by summer heat.

  3. Lovely to read a post from you again, although sorry to hear about your father. We are in same position, youngest offspring heading off this autumn, but not brave enough to put house on market. Good luck and good househunting

    • Thank you very much for your kind comments. It seemed like the right time for us to Embrace Change, but putting house on market is undoubtedly A Big Step! Hope all goes well with you and your family.

  4. I’ll join in the chorus and say welcome back! I live in the US where you know who is president and I could really use a voice of reason…

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