Lazing on a sunny afternoon

Return from remarkably relaxing Package Holiday with husband and younger son in Mallorca. Flights undelayed, hotel very comfortable,  food plentiful and not cooked by me; spend days swimming,  sunbathing and reading rather eclectic selection of books  without interruption. Try to convince self that this lifestyle would eventually pall.

Younger son so delighted to be on a holiday Like Normal People that almost forgets to be embarrassed in our company – at least until final evening, when we decide to sample hotel’s poolside Entertainment and, in sympathy for multilingual Italian singer (former contestant in The Voice Croatia) doing her best to rouse somewhat inert clientele,  find ourselves singing along to chorus of  Take Me Home, Country Roads  rather more loudly than strictly advisable.

Pouring rain that greeted us on return yesterday afternoon now replaced with bright sunshine. Take dogs for long walk in freshly washed golden fields; collect garden harvest of plums, mulberries and runner beans; and decide to draft intercessions for tomorrow’s Family Service at some later stage.

10 thoughts on “Lazing on a sunny afternoon

  1. Blissful! I think I have never had a relaxing Package Holiday, they both had disasters.
    It is so good to read you again.

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