Screen test

Head reluctantly to town for long overdue eye test. Am so relieved that a) testing now almost entirely based on machines rather than own flustered responses to squiggles on red and green patches b) eyesight has not deteriorated as much as feared over past few years c) am not pressed too hard on number of hours per day I spend on screens – that can even manage rather thin smile when handsome young optician tells me that my long sight is because I am getting older and that he feels quite relaxed using this language to me because I am in my fifties and not my forties.

Kind friends invite me to watch new Mamma Mia film with them at local cinema.  Can think of nothing nicer than watching films with friends, and thoroughly enjoy spending the evening with them; but unfortunately can’t prevent myself from sharing a small selection of my Thoughts on the film afterwards and now cannot see any reason why they would ever ask me to join them again.

12 thoughts on “Screen test

  1. Oh, what a scream! I’ve not seen this film, nor actually want to. Loved Abba. Don’t quite love Ms Streep sufficiently to watch it (is she in it again?) Indeed, I’ve seen few films in recent years that I would wholeheartedly recommend.
    Just noticed that you have been on your blog list, which is lovely, so thank you so much. I don’t know how to add blogs I read to my own list, and I’m currently having problems with my blog as the photos have vanished. It’s a blog host prob, I’ve been told. I hope I can get it sorted it out as it’s very annoying as my blog is very much photo-led.
    All good wishes,
    Margaret P

    • Meryl Streep is in this film, but not very much. Everybody else seems to have loved it, but – let’s just say I didn’t!
      Sorry about your computer problems and hope they get resolved soon.

      • When I was a child I pestered my parents to let me have an eye test – they’d had one and I wanted one! When I was asked by the optician to “read” the card, of course, I tried to do that, making up words that were really gobbledegook! A K L Z and T M N S and so forth. He was mystified as to my eye condition said I needed to see a specialist, who – when I saw him – had more sense and asked me to tell him what the letters were on each line of the card. My parents were very worried for a while and then angry with me and I was told off for being so silly! But I was only do as I was asked, i.e. to “read” the card!
        Margaret P

      • Can’t quite believe that you were sent to a specialist for this but glad that he at least had some sense! Not sure that communications have improved drastically since then: my optician asked whether I could read the small print at the bottom of some leaflet and seemed rather taken back when I did so (perhaps he was just expecting the answer “yes”). I felt compelled to explain that I used to be a lawyer.

  2. You were brave to go to the cinema to watch that film – I would have declined the invitation.
    Wait until hearing tests become unavoidable – I have ended up with two hearing aids now, rather than my rather pretty raspberry coloured one.

    • I did waver! But wanted to see my friends and hoped that I would somehow be Swept Up In the Moment. Found a review afterwards which said: “If you are the kind of person who would question whether, in 1980, a Greek priest on a small island would agree to baptize a foreign woman’s illegitimate child, then you had best stay away from Mamma Mia!”. I am *exactly* that kind of person.
      Yes, I’m sure it won’t be long until my first hearing test….

  3. Ha ha – I went with my youngest daughter. We are currently fighting shy of anything labelled ‘feel good’ due to unfortunate experience of watching ‘Finding Your Feet’ (feel good film of the year 2017 apparently – we came out traumatised). Thought we’d be ok with MMII, but ahem, I gave it a grudging 6/10 – I’ve also perfected a Cher impression. My brain went into overdrive at all the non sequiturs and I didn’t sleep for ages, trying to work out the plot hiccups. So I’ve downgraded it to 4. Expecting the gods of ABBAdom to strike any moment…x

    • This is really very comforting! I was genuinely quite agitated afterwards by all the things that made no sense on any level, as well as by my own stony-faced inability to ignore them like everyone else. Did quite enjoy the scenes with Cher and looking at Young Bill on his yacht though…

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