Am always surprised by number of different ways in which winter weather can be utterly miserable. Take dogs for cold, sleety, windy walk and am struck by number of determined-looking joggers we meet. Very glad that own New Year’s resolutions are strictly of the Do More Nice Things And Read More Good Books variety.

Other goal for New Year is (finally) to sell house; chances of achieving this are currently somewhat reduced by fact that have taken it off market, but are planning to try again in spring when weather will be lovely and what our estate agent calls The B Word will be completely resolved to the whole country’s delighted satisfaction.

Younger son is visiting sister at university for weekend, and husband is at work; so have several hours to myself in which could a) catch up on housework b) catch up on deskwork c) stick nobly to my New Year’s resolutions.

2 thoughts on “Resolve

  1. Good luck for the Spring selling of houses. Nothing has shifted here for many months, a stagnant market as it were.

    I like your resolves.

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