Working girl

After several years of voluntary and freelance work, have acquired actual paid job at local university. Job is admittedly a) writing minutes of management meetings rather than carrying out ground-breaking intellectual research and b) for grand total of two days per month, but am nonetheless quite excited by the novelty as I head off early yesterday morning. Kind friend offers me lift from village, along with her colleague who lectures in plumbing and electrics; spend journey discussing amateur dramatics, secondhand cars, and the number of females on his course (five out of 180).

Gender balance appears rather better among university management team.  Shuffle into my allotted place in board room and do best to follow several hours of detailed discussions on wide range of Confidential Matters.  Academics all tap away at laptops while eating bananas;  I scribble in notebook while eating biscuits. Am not entirely sure what they make of me.

Write up minutes at home despite dogs’ best efforts to distract me in manner of particularly demanding children. Reward myself for hard day’s work with Endeavour on catch-up and the Great British Sewing Bee.


2 thoughts on “Working girl

  1. I am sure that your reward would be perfect for me but I can’t warm to the idea of taking minutes in a boardroom. Still, someone has to do it!

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